Cubase 6 and all derivatives: 6.0.5 update released

Thanks Helge. This is going to be a wonderful Cubase update. :slight_smile:

Will Rewire 64 bit work with this 6.0.5 update?


ReWire 64-bit will come with a later Cubase 6 update. The time between the announcement of 64-bit ReWire and this update was to short to implement it.



Will i be able to go from the installed version of cubase 6 elements to this 6.0.5 update?

Hello Monsterbash,

Yes, there will be also a Cubase Elements 6.0.5 update.



are there any plans to reinstall the lanes behaviour from CB 5 ?

I agree with Yutaka on this. Here’s an example of why: Often, I may want to SEE the automation on one track while I’m making automation changes on another. With this “feature” it makes that impossible.

I appreciate your listening to us and this change is a step in the right direction.

But I’m still voting for a preference for showing automation handles ALWAYS.


But isn’t this what he’s saying will happen…? Or am I misunderstanding (wishful thinking…?)? Am I confusing ‘lanes’ and ‘tracks’…?

Should Helge Vogt have said:-
If automation handles are selected, handles on all other automation lanes are displayed as well across the entire project

Well, if he didn’t mean that, then it isn’t very good - welcome, but only a small step forward.

And, as Yutaka says/asks, visibility will only be when you are hovering over an automation lane. Hmmm… :frowning:

Hello Helge,

a detail question: is the naming issue of Quick Controls in the Eucon Adapter solved in 6.0.6? This is our most serious productivity issue here, reported in detail ages ago, and we would appreciate Steinberg’s attention to this very much.

regards, Mikael

Hello Helge,
Is the VST Expression bug I reported since a year( with VSL SE, C6 doesn’t play the first articulation at ) is fixed in this release ?
thank You,

How long till next update? I was excited to hear about rewire being updated to 64-bit, and now, again waiting. Any idea how long?


Hi Helge,

the upcoming update 6.0.5 sounds very good! Just one question: you wrote Steinberg adressed issues regarding VSTBriddge on MacOS. But there are also issues regarding stability under Win7 64 Bit Ultimate, too. I recently installed Win7 and discovered several crashes of the VSTBridge while using, for instance, KORE Player from NI.

Will these stability issues under Win7 also be adressed with 6.0.5? Are there known workarounds for this problem?

Best regardas,

That’s how it is meant :smiley:


Hi distinct,

no, there are no changes on the PC side regarding the VST Bridge. While we try what we can to improve it on both platforms, we have to accept the fact that there will be issues that can not be addressed for technical reasons (because their origin is in the underlying plug-in).

Back to the Mac and what has been resolved: in the current release of Cubase the VST Bridge is not working at all under OS X 10.7 (due to changes on Apple side). Now, with 6.0.5 it is working again.



Any chance to get a bugfix for the very annoying MIDI routing bug (bugtracking issue nr. 29332) ?

Hey, Helge - great to see the updates coming little and often but still no sign of the MIDI Sends interface bug being fixed in spite of being confirmed (29076, July) just too late for the 6.0.3 update. The post links to a related EQ bug (also confirmed).

I didn’t install 6.0.4 but there was no mention of it in the release notes and none in 6.0.5. Hate to harrass you but can it please be sorted out asap - I use it a lot for layering.

Ta very much,

Still no moveable frozen parts then!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: It was PROMISED in the C6 cycle - I hope that still happens!!


As we know this update is just for bug fix…

Ahhh… new user you are! History you know not!

Nope - there are some enhanced features listed.