Cubase 6 and Cubase Elements 6 side by side

I just purchased Cubase Elements 6 to have on my Mac Book Pro for a dongle free setup (since I seem to forget to bring the dongles all the time). Cubase 6 and and some iLok protected plug-ins are on the machine as well.

There are problems with this, remember no hardware dongles.

VTS3 iLok protected plug-ins (Softube) crashes Elements when hitting quit in the authorization dialog.
I renamed those VST3 plugins so Elements won´t find them. Finally I got Elements up and running.

Since I don’t want to rename plug-ins all the the time I thought that I could remove the path for the plug-ins in the plug-in information dialog but the path /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins is always coming back even if I remove it from the list. I thought I could make a special library for dongle free plugins to use in elements.

There is no path for VST3 plugins. How do I stop Elements from finding my dongle protected VST3 plugins?

Any ideas on this?


After some further testing I have found a work around. If I start Elements in 64-bit the 32-bit protected plugins won’t try to load and there is no crash during authorization.

But there is something wrong with the original behavior anyway.


Further testing:

If I put my VST3 iLok protected plugins in another library that ELements won’t find at startup Elements is starting fine. If that library is added in the Plug-Ins dialog, the plug-ins try to load but since no iLok is present the authorization fails, but when closing it Elements don’t crash. So there is definitely different behavior when the iLok protected plug-ins are loaded at start or when Elements is running. Is it perhaps the same with Cubase 6? I don’t have any dongles here to test.