Cubase 6 and EuCon (Avid Artist mc control v2)


Got this high sofisticated controller and was able to install it.

Due to the related download of the steinberg homepage, the “touchscreen” and the “surface” buttons have been addressed automaticaly.

Q: How to copy/paste a touchscreen or surface button in EuCon, if I want to re-arrange it?
(I know, how to make new buttons…)
Q: Where to find a more detailed description of the programming of EuCon in conjuction with Cubase 6?
(How to correctly select the Inserts/Pans/etc. is not really self-explaining)
Q: Is it possible to re-arrange the eight(8) soft-knobs to new or other functions?


  1. Unfortunately, you can’t copy/paste Soft Keys. Your best bet is to manually make a new Soft Key and add the commands. (Were you also asking how to make new Soft Keys?)

  2. Page 41 of the EUCON Application Setup Guide explains how to instantiate and control plug-ins. As for a full list, I don’t think one exists. The control surface aspect is designed to function the same across all DAWs, but the soft keys are unique to Cubase. They’re basically arranged by menu function.

  3. No.


Thanks for the information.

I googled some themes about EuCon and/or Avid control, but it seems not to an issue to easily re-arrange the pre-defined softkeys for the users of these devices :frowning:

Anyway, I can manage all the re-arranging by myself just to re-program the buttons on the desired button. Not really the state-of-the-art way of working, but finally seems to be the only one.