Cubase 6 and EWQL Hollywood Strings problem!

Hello everyone. I bought and installed both The Complete Composers Collection and Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition. My Audio software is Cubase 6. The problem is, I didn’t know I had to install the library into my VST Plugins folder in Cubase. My questions is, can someone please give me a step by step process on how to do this?

Do I just copy and paste all the .ewi files from both CCC and Hollywood Strings right into Cubase’s VST Plugins folder and mix them with the .dll files already in there? Or can I create a subfolder within the Cubase VST Plugins folder and have separate folders for each EWQL instrument… for example, one folder for the EWQL Symphonic Orchestra .ewi files, one folder for the EWQL Ra .ewi files, etc. Will Cubase be able to see the .ewi files that way?

My other question is, where do I put the EWQL instruments so that Cubase will know where to look and how do I open each instrument (Symphonic Orchestra, Ra, Hollywood Strings, etc) in Cubase 6? Sorry, I am totally new to using sound set libraries. Thanks.

You don’s say whether you’re using Mac or PC, but on Mac, the installer does all of that for you. The instruments then all show up when you use an instance of Play, which is the sample player for all of EW’s products. Hope that helps.

Thanks but, I installed it on a PC. Anyone with a PC know?

I have a PC, and I have several PLAY libraries.

“I didn’t know I had to install the library into my VST Plugins folder in Cubase.”

When you ran the PLAY installer, what folder did you select for the .dll files to go? I think the default is C:\Program Files\Common Files\East West\Vstplugins, but I am not 100% sure about that. If you didn’t make a selection when prompted during the install, that’s probably where the .dll files are.

“Do I just copy and paste all the .ewi files …”

NO! Cubase doesn’t care where the ewi files are; it cares where the PLAY .dll files are.

So, the Q is - do you know where the .dll files are?

get mac imho

In all honesty, this question would be better asked on the EW forum:

You’ll have to join to post, but it would be a good plan anyway.

If there is not installatiom like a setup .exe and you need to copy and paste the files i raccomend to you to create a subfloder in you documents folder and that’s it.on the same cd with the files if you got a .dll file you have to put it in c/ programmx86/steinberg/vst pugins. And aswell in c/programm/steinberg/cubase6/vstplugins
Then when you open cubase lunch the vst instrument e then tell the instrument to locate the file content in the sub folder you create beforein you document.
If you don t have the .dll file that means that you will need a player like NI kontakt 4
Have look at the files you got and tell me what kind of extension they are!!!

I don’t think he wants to add to the issues he already has.

Absolutely horrible advice. First off, there is a setup.exe - but that not withstanding, you do not just copy and paste files from the CD/DVD to your Doc folder.


No. It’s not as if: you can’t find the .dll for the player, so you load the samples into Kontakt instead. No - that is not how things work.

Besides, what if you have a library that can not be loaded into Kontakt? Like, for example, say, Hollywood Strings?