Cubase 6 and Halion Sonic

Is it true that there are patches in Halion Sonic that are “hidden” and unavailable unless you have Cubase installed? Specifically the Yamaha SE90 patch is missing in my installation. I do not have Cubase 6 installed on this computer. Here’s a thread that seems to say just that :

On another computer in the studio we DO have Cubase 6 installed and the Yamaha SE90 patch is there.

I’ve posted this question in the Haion Sonic forum but it’s a ghost town over there. Do any of you guys know if this is correct?



It’s like the users say in the topic you mention: The S90ES is part of Halion Sonic’s SE Artist library (included in Cubase).

Although I find it a bit strange because you have both flagships of the Halion series and are still missing some entry level presets.
So the big question is, is the Halion Sonic SE library part of the Cubase license, or also part of the Halion Sonic licence.
The only way to find out is to copy the FCP_SMT_083_HSSE_S90.vstsound from the PC containing Cubase to the one that doesn’t, I guess.

Good idea. But unfortunately it looks like the S90 preset is a part of Halion Sonic SE, not the full blown Halion Sonic. Copying the preset does not work. What a strange “crippling” of software. The lesser version contains things the greater version does not. Very counter-intuitive and disappointing as well. :unamused: :unamused: