Cubase 6 and Midi

Greetings, Dr. Powell here. I am trying to become familiar with MIDI and its application in Cubase 6. I am a bit confused. I can set up a VST instrument track with EZ Drummer and can view all outputs of the drum sample (ie: snare track, bass track, etc.) When I have added the MIDI track I can’t figure out how to add an insert to one of the Tracks. For example, If I choose to add reverb to the snare track, I don’t know how to do it. I mixed down the MIDI rack to a wav form and imported it into Cubase 6. Having done this, I can now add reverb, but only to the mixed down track ( I no longer have control of each of the midi tracks). Also, when adding a midi track of EZ drummer, the transport device volume control becomes inactive. Would someome be kind enough to help me with these problems? Thank you so much.


This can be done very easily via the VST-Instrument-Rack (F11).
There’s a tiny little down-pointing arrow left to the black slot that
you load the EZ Drummer in. Click on it and you’re able to activate the
multiple outputs of the VSTi. The outputs can be found in a new folder-track
that is automatically added to your project called “VST instruments”.

There’s a small tutorial on YouTube. Though this is showed using Groove Agent One
you’ll be able to understand how to get it done.
Have a look at 04:55.


Instrument tracks are stereo … So, you should be putting the effect on the snare in EZ Drummer internal mixer. I’ve never used EZ Drummer so I don’t know where it is or how it works. This will only allow you to use EZ Drummer effects.

As No1DaBeats says, the better way is to do it through the Rack (F11) and then activate a bunch of audio channels on the rack instance, then route the individual kit pieces inside EZ Drummer to those channels. Then you can use 3rd party plugins on the individual tracks. Keep in mind, your MIDI information will be on its own track completely separate from the audio out channels.

With EZDrummer, I prefer to Activate All Outputs then navigate to the internal EZDrummer and right-click on Trk 1,2, etc. in the Output column and select which output you want each piece routed to.

Once again, my preference is to select Multichannel, and EZDrummer assigns them automatically.