Cubase 6 and Prosonus 1818 win 7 pro

Hello Everyone,anyone…
Is anyone using a Presonus 1818 interface with cubase 6 and win 7 Pro need to know if there are or will be issues with this setup also I have a 64 bit system , asus pro mb and 8 gig of ram … 7200 rpm 500 gb hd
Any info would be super …

what 1818 presonus ? VSL ? have a friend who use it (VSL 1818) with no problem with Cubase 7 x64 (& Cubase 6 before) !

Hi Home Studio 87,
Thanks for sending info , I just picked it up from the store and it is the Presonus 1818VSL , I am going to set it up tonight with win7 pro 64 bit and cubase 6 so am crossing my fingers that the driver works with my set up so , it is great to know that your friend ran it with win 7 64 bit so I feel a little reasured on my choice especially with your reply , it is a long story how it has come to this point , ie : software upgrade to cubase 6 , then total system upgrade , then r16 has not worked NOW the Presous , so if you dont mind I will kep you posted , as your freind ran the same setup as I have , if there is an issue its refreshing to know that someone’s been there and done that !
Sorry for the pun. Cheers !!