Cubase 6 and Reason 4

Hi, apologies if this has been asked already…I am not that great at finding the existing threads yet

I have Cubase 4 and am considering upgrading to C6
I have Reason 4 as a slave to Cubase 4
My question is : Would Reason 4 still act as a slave to Cubase 6
Look forward to your reply,


Yes, it will work for C6 32 bit.

Reason 4 will never be 64 bit, and C6 doesn’t yet have 64 bit rewire for 64 bit Reason 6 (which can also run as 32 bit).

I have this kind of setup for some time now.Cubase 5 worked well with rsn3/4 and Q6 is working fine with rsn 4. Never upgraded to rsn 5.Thats all working in 32 bit ofc.MIght take a look to rsn 6 when im goin to 64 bit with the next mbp update. ALso rsn 4.01 is more stable than 4