Cubase 6 Application Instances???

Hello ,

Today I’ve updated my Cubase 5 to Cubase 6. Before that I was using Cubase 6 Trial version for 2 days. But after updating to Cubase 6, I started to see something new at eLicenser Control Center;

When I launch Cubase 6, I see application instances under Cubase 6 at the eLicenser Control Center. These were not appearing on Cubase 5. “Application Instances” numbers are not only appearing under Cubase but also under Vienna, Halion Sonici other Steinberg VSTs etc…I uploaded a screenshot of my eLicenser Control Center (I am using the latest version of eLicenser).

Are these instances normal?

Thank you very much,

any comments? :frowning:

I really would like an official explanation as this is happening to me too, … :astonished: ( I also installed the C6 trial before upgrading.

I do not want any elicensor to be controlling , logging, or tracking ANYTHING on my workstation OTHER than allowing Cubase to Boot up! that is its purpose.

Chris hows about an official explanation, as this is relevant to 6.01, (it didnt happen with C6 version .6.0)… and its elicensor, and just strikes as too much Syncrosoft “BIG BROTHER!”…too anyones liking…

I can’t install cubase since 10 days, similar to this problem here… They don’t even answer to my emails. If this happens in the city where i live, i would go to police or try to settle my own, give my money back etc…!


we are not “watching” over you like Apple does :slight_smile:

This with the instances is not a new feature (it was only hidden), it shows you how many licenses are beeing involved for a certain program. For Cubase 6 it is for example a license for Cubase 6, Halion Sonic SE, etc. Depending on the used plugins in a project these numbers can vary.

With the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center also the manufacturer of a license will be shown.



Thanks for your prompt reply Chris, tis much appreciated…So what your saying is that the elicensor is now showing you what programs are requiring a syncrosoft license to run with cubase, so for example If you have a crack version of a program, it will “disallow” loading that crack plug in cubase ?.

I can live with that!. :smiley: many young “pirate” producers wont ! hehe!

Thank you Chris :slight_smile: