Cubase 6 Artist won't start up (Stuck loading VST Plugins)

Hello everyone,

The title pretty much says it all. :frowning:
I just returned from a 3-month trip outside of Europe, and when I started my home computer again I found out that Cubase won’t startup anymore. It is stuck when trying to initalize my VST 2.0.
I’m absolutely clueless to where that might come from. Did I maybe accidently delete some important configuration file?

I’m very grateful for every piece of advice! I have spent the last 3 months without music and I’m dying to play piano and compose again. :slight_smile:

Thank you,


I would start by hiding all third party plug-ins from Cubase. Then, add them little by little and see if one of them is causing trouble.

Aloha L +1 to what jaslan posted.

If you have many many many many plugs
here is another approach:

1-Remove them all and divide them in half.

2-Install one of the halves. If Artist is now working properly,
you now know the prob is in the other half.

3-Keep doing the half by half thang and you will soon find it.

I’m dying to play piano and compose again.

Much understood. Sending much Aloha on that.

HTH (hope this helps)