Cubase 6 Audio - recording Guitar & VST Amp rack

Hi Guys
I would have put this post in the Cubase 6 section but i couldnt add new post in that section ??
I am trying to record my guitar into Cubase 6.5, attempting to use the VST amp rack effects
Having a few issues understanding bus setup in respect to inputs,outputs and inserts etc
I also have a Yamaha MoX6 which I am connecting my guitar to , to talk to cubase
I can record my guitar in cubase but cannot work out how to apply or hear the vst amp rack effects
Im guessing its something simple I am not doing
In cubase I just start a new project and add a mono audio track and I seem to get cubase to record the guitar
What else needs to be tweaked to have the effects applied ?

thanks for your help guys

Add VST Amp Rack as an insert effect on the track.