Cubase 6 Automation Issue

For some reason my touch mode automation is not responding correctly. For example: if I grab the volume in touch mode and ride it for a second, it should bounce back to its original place. It doesn’t. It just keeps on writing where I left the fader. What can I do?

Have a look at the automation panel!

I have been using automation with no problems in cubase 5 with touch mode. For some reason in cubase 6, my levels never go back to their original position. I just realized now that when I go back to cubase 5 on the same computer the same problems happen with new projects. The only automation that works the way it is supposed to are old projects in Cubase 5 that already had automation in it. Any new projects I work on now, the automation doesn’t work. Please help.

Page 235 “The Automation Panel”

maybe i’m not explaining myself as clearly as i should. i’ve been using cubase for a long long time. i understand the differences between automation modes so pg 235 doesn’t really help me.

essentially what is happening is out of nowhere my “touch” stopped acting like it should and started acting like “auto latch”


Do you have Split on ignore? you have a setting in the automation dialog you have one of the over-riding functions enabled.
Did you open the automation panel and look at the settings?

I noticed that “touch mode” works if there is an automation point behind that position you currently want to write automation data. So just create an automation point at the end of your project and it should work.

Well you will know the functions on the “AUTOMATION PANEL” then :laughing:
Just read page 235. (please)

Fill Options.
To Punch
To Start
To End

You probably have To End selected!

dsb_wizzard is correct. The initial, non-automated state of a fader is not taken into account, therefore you need to insert an initial automation point, if you want any of the Touch modes to have any effect (but the “Fill” modes will still work, as described by Split :wink:. But you should consider that, in Cubase (as opposed to Nuendo), the first pass is always “Fill to End” if no specific Fill mode is selected.).

Thanks for the replies on this!

I don’t like this! They should take into account where the fader was when I hit write before it’s moved, so that it can return it to 0 (or wherever it was before) without me having to manually add an automation point to every single track in the project that I want to use this function on.

Pro Tools does it properly in this regard.