Cubase 6 automation loop problem

I have a problem with automation in Loop mode.
If i want to EQ a single phrase or just a few bars and have the EQ faders go back to zero after the phrase.
I select the range of the phrase, set the automation to Loop and Touch, write enable it, turn on the relevant EQ module and click/move around the curve point. When i leave the mouse two automation points appear, in and out of the range. So far so good.
The problem is with the “out” point. The “in” point is at whatever value that it had before, most often zero. But the “out” will be at the value that it had when i left the mouse.
If i do more changes to the EQ the “out” point will remain at the value it got on the first pass, but i need to be back at zero.
The same with the module on/off parameter. If it’s turned on during the first pass the “out” point will remain “on” and not “off” like it was before.
So if i want to EQ a single phrase i have to turn the modules off and reset them manually to zero after editing.
Very annoying.
I checked the manual and there’s no explanation for this behavior. This is how the Loop mode is pictured:

The value at the right locator is different from the left locator.
Sorry, if i repeat another post, couldn’t find a solution for this.


First of all, bravo for your patience in waiting for a reply! :slight_smile:
The answer is that, in Cubase, this is normal behavior on an Automation first pass (as opposed to Nuendo).
To get the result you desire, you need to add an automation point (of zero, presumably?), anywhere after the loop end, before you perform the automation loop operation.
(This behavior is exactly the same in Cubase 7.5. For info, a few years back, Steinberg did change this, to resemble more the behavior in Nuendo, but it caused such a fury in the forum, that they changed it back again (although, if I remember correctly, I think the problem with it was that they hadn’t yet ironed out a couple of bugs).