Cubase 6 "Can not find a device. Please connect the device"

Hi all,

I use Cubase 6 on a laptop and I use a Roland UA-25EX audio interface as the soundcard. I have been using both together for some time now without any problems, but all of a sudden, when I try to switch to the UA-25EX in the device manager, the message “Can not find a device. Please connect the device” appears. The UA-25EX is plugged in, but I’ve tried unplugging it and plugging it in again. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the audio interface, but this has not helped. Occassionally, Cubase does allow me to switch to the UA-25EX, but Cubase performs poorly and soon crashes. The audio interface works fine just playing sound from my computer, such as an MP3 or when using the internet, so I guess the problem isn’t with the UA-25EX, but with the Cubase settings. I don’t know what else to do. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Check the Windows sound settings to see if the Roland is actually being used for playback and not the onboard soundchip.
You’d also be better off asking this at the Gearslutz or Sound on Sound type forums as readers here, like me, may not be entirely convinced it’s a purely Cubase problem so you might not get all the info you need.

My instinct is that it looks like a driver or a conflict problem going on here as most DAWs just generally work when all’s well with everything and don’t when they detect any problems. That’s the simple view but it could be more complicated than that.

I have a Roland Octacapture. How do you boot everything? All from one switch? My manual says turn on the Octa first, then the rest. If you have new drivers then they should be installed with all usb ports unconnected (including the Octa)and then reconnect all.
Also if I exit Cubase and (when I first got the Octa) had turned off the Octa beforehand then Cubase will give an error message on shutdown because it can’t see a driver to check in the shutdown procedure.