Cubase 6: Clicks when recording external synth via midi

Hi all,
I recently switched from PC to Mac and bought a new audio interface at the same time (RME Babyface). Since then, I am experiencing a low but consistent clicking noise with each midi message being sent when recording audio from an external synth controlled via midi.

My setup is:

  1. iMac running OS X 10.10.5
  2. Cubase 6 v. 6.0.7
  3. RME Babyface
  4. One keyboard (Nord Electro 3) used as midi device and connected to the midi in of the audio interface
  5. Another keyboard (Korg M50) connected to the midi out and line in of the audio interface

I do the following:

  1. Create a midi track and route both midi in and midi out to the audio interface
  2. Activate “Monitor” on the midi track
  3. Create an audio track
  4. Activate “Record enable” on the audio track

Now, when recording audio from the Korg being controlled via midi from the Nord, a clicking sound is heard on the audio track in Cubase with each midi message being sent from the Nord (note on/off, volume change, pitch bend etc.).

In other words: If I make an audio recording, the clicking sound is also being recorded. Even if I turn down the volume on the Korg completely, the clicking sound remains unchanged.

The clicking sound is not heard through headphones connected directly to the Korg. It is only heard in the monitors/headphones connected to the audio interface. And if I instead play directly on the Korg keyboard (not via midi), the clicking sound disappears.

I have tried the following

  1. Switching both keyboards
  2. Drawing midi notes instead of playing them on the Nord
  3. Changing the buffer size of the audio interface to all possible sizes

None of this removed the problem.

If I instead record midi using an instrument track armed with some internal synth, there is no problem.

Sorry about this long explanation. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


I’m pretty sure, there is another thread about this topic already. I think, it’s even in the main Cubase 8 > General area. Please, search for it.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, there is a similar thread in the Cubase 8 area.

However, it seems there was never found a solution to that thread. It ended with you asking the user some further questions that he didn’t answer.

I tried to ask him if he ever found a solution before opening this thread. But I didn’t get an answer.

So I figured it was better to open a new thread in the “Older Cubase Section” since I use Cubase 6 (the other user uses Cubase 8).

Thanks again and sorry if I messed things up by creating this new thread. Please let me know if I should post my initial question above as a reply to that other thread.



Could you put the link to the other thread here, please?


Sure! The link is:

Thanks again,