Cubase 6 Compressor & DaTube Problem

I’m having a problem with the inserts that come bundled in Cubase 6. Sometimes when I load the Compressor or DaTube inserts onto a track, they don’t work. No sound goes through the meters on the plugin, and you can hear that the insert is not affecting the sound of the track. The output of the track sometimes behaves as if there is no insert, and sometimes the output is muted even when the insert is bypassed and deactivated (it must be totally removed from the channel to unmute audio). I think this could be two problems that just seem like one problem because I don’t understand the underlying cause. - screenshot

I looked around for a while, but couldn’t find a thread about this.

I only have this problem on certain tracks. For instance in one project, the compressor mutes vocals, but works just fine on guitars. In another project, the inverse is true.

I have tried freezing/rendering the tracks that had good compressors to free up RAM (though meters all said that shouldn’t be a problem) without any luck.

I have been loading track presets from other projects. Could there be some sort of control room issue?

Thanks for looking at this problem with me.


I don’t have a quick fix, as I haven’t seen this before, but firstly, I don’t think it is likely to be associated with control room and I think that the freeze function is working as expected as it replicates the channel correctly, albeit including the problem.

Furthermore, my system and others I know have always worked fine with both plug-ins, so I don’t think it is a general programming bug.

The compressor will bypass in ‘Constrain delay Compensation’ - but I can see that the button isn’t lit in your example.

I notice that you have the green automation light on the channel - this looks like a more likely area to study. Does the problem disappear when automation is switched off…you can temporarily cancel all automation using the R button above the channel names to see what happens. You can also drop down the layers of automation data beneath the channel name. See what data is there other than the volume.

Do you use a scrub wheel of any kind?- this will bypass plugs when used unless told not to do so in Preferences. Although the bypass light should show.

Does dragging a working compressor from another channel solve the problem ?(Alt/drag the plugin in the mixer section which shows the inserts)

I expect others will chime in with suggestions. For now, my best guess is some buried automation command, maybe inadvertently copied from another channel.

Good luck


Hi Parrotspain, thanks so much for chiming in!

Unfortunately, dragging a compressor from another channel does not solve the problem. Neither does deactivating automation. I confirmed there is only volume data on the track.

Additionally, I do not own a scrub wheel.

Any other ideas?

what version 6 are you running because IIRC there was an issue and it was dealt with within one of the updates because I use to have the same issue but I can’t remember which update actually solved this for me


Just to be clear, copying a compressor that is working normally in another channel, fails to pass or meter a signal in the problem channel’s signal path. When removed, the signal path is restored?

Can you move your project or .cpr file to another system and see if it works there? At least then you can determine whether it is an issue with your Cubase program, or is specific to individual projects. If you’re unable to do that pm me and we’ll arrange something

I agree with G-string, first, move to the latest possible update of your Cubase version

I do know that certain systems can throw up odd behaviours, on mine for example, the Cubase chorus plug causes distortion right across all my audio!! All other plugins behave perfectly!

Good luck, let us know what your testing reveals.


there was any issue in the earlier versions of c6 that the compressor level meters would not work properly or stutter every 10 seconds or so but also in certain cases they wouldn’t work at all . but yes as you say Parrotspain moving to the latest version should hopefully solve the issue

I am running 6.0.7, which I think is the most recent build.

And yes, the compressor will be working on another track but when I copy/drag it to a new channel, the meters read nothing and no effect is applied. Sometimes the channel is also muted by the insert.

Trying on another system sounds like a good idea.

Hi, I have responded in full in a PM


I think it would be nice to know a solution too… :frowning:

We don’t have one yet - we’ll post if / when we get a solid explanation.

Problem reproduces on my system as described. I have found a work-around I think, but not quite a complete answer.


To close this, as OP hasn’t responded further.

Problem occured when very large number of DaTube and Compressors were in use. Work around solution was to remove 20-30 instances from frozen tracks and, after saving active plugs settings, replacing original plugs that were affected and loading up saved settings.

Not a perfect solution as I couldn’t see why multiple instances of plugs would make this problem appear in the first place (it did transfer to my system, so not a local issue). Anyway, I guess OP has moved on and perhaps contacted Steinberg for their comments.