Cubase 6 constantly crashing??? PLEASE HELP!

My copy of Cubase constantly crashes which is starting to get extremely depressing. Can someone please help as I’ve emailed a number of support requests to Steinberg and I’ve not heard anything? It’s made worse buy the fact that I have just got a brand new computer (Mac Pro with 2X 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors and 16GB 1066 MHz DDR3 Ram) and paid for every single plugin that I’m running?

There seems to be little or no justice in this happening so can someone please shed some light?

Many thanks…

Does it just seem to be crashing at random times or during certain operations? Playing, editing, etc.
What sound card and ASIO driver are you using?
These details might help someone pinpoint the source of your problem.

Thanks J.L

I’m using a Yamaha N12 audio interfase with the most recent driver and it’s fairly inconsistant but seem to be when editing audio, using native instruments Massive and using other plugins?

If there is any other information that would help please advise? I’ve sent about 3 or 4 error reports through a support request?

Kind regards.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be much help. My setup has pretty much nothing in common with yours. If the problem seems to be when using a particular plug-in then, of course, start your search there. If it seems to be very general though, it could be problem with the ASIO driver. Something that might be worth trying, and I am not sure about this on a MAC, it to unplug the sound card, select a generic driver (to listen to your mix on the PC speakers or headphones), do some editing and see if you have any problems. Just trying to isolate the problem to a particular plug-in, audio card, controller, etc.

Thanks again J.L

I’m going to call Steinbury in the morning as the crash is really inconsistent, I’ve updated all my ASIO drivers and the N12 is supposed to be Cubase integrated?!

Cheers for your advise though mate!


same problem here it randomly crashes running on 64 bit windows 7 i think it will be solved in a update :question:

Sooner rather than later hope! It’s really dishartening! I’ve attached the error report so I’d appriciate it if someone from Steinberg can shed some light please?

Kind regards.
Cubase 6 error report.doc (195 KB)