cubase 6 CPU warning

Hi all,
New to the forum but have used Cubase since the Atari.
I am on a MacPro Quad core and I keep getting CPU overload warnings even when I might have only a few audio tracks no vst’s or plugins and a high sample rate. Is there anything i should do with my Mac to optimise it for audio as it is still the same as when i bought it.

Aloha f,

I used to get this all the time as well.

Next time you see that alert box, I believe there is a check box inside
that says something to the effect of:

‘Do not show this alert again’. etc etc

I think I just ticked it and it worked because I have never seen that
alert box again.YMMV

Perhaps there is also preference that gets rid of it as well.

Bottom line is, I used to get that alert box all the time
and I don’t anymore so it can be gotten rid.


I think the OP would rather fix the issue instead of hiding the symptoms :wink: