Cubase 6 Crash Issue HELP!

So i made the huge mistake of not saving after a two hour session. As I was recording the FINAL part to my song(just about to save), Cubase decides to freeze(cursor changed to waiting “blue circle” wheel) and I unfortunately have to force close because, according to Task Manager, Cubase was “Not Responding.”

FORTUNATELY…when i reopened cubase, I got a message that a back up had been made. When I clicked the button to recover my file I received this message:

“Project “Chevaliers De Sangreal-01.cpr” was created with Cubase 1.x. This program version cannot load it.”

(Chevaliers De Sangreal is the name of the song im covering)

I Have cubase 6, how can it think that I wrote this piece in Cubase 1.x?

How do I open this file! AH! :astonished:

Also, I know I shouldve saved more, but I was in the zone…


This happened today to me in the latest C7