Cubase 6 crash when inserting external plugin?

Anyone had any crashes when they insert an external plugin? I’ve had 2 that go to the blue screen of death when inserting an external compressor setup as an external plugin over a track. Not saying for sure this is a bug - there are several variables, like both times I’ve been running some heavy VSTi’s and Eucon as well. It could be something on my setup, just thought I’d ask.

No problems here


What’s your system?
Maybe you need to trash your Preferences… It solves many problems…

C6 32 bit on Win 7 64 bit. i7 950 24 gig ram.
It’s only happened rarely when I am running a lot of vstis, both bridged (EWQL) and 32 bit (BFD2) in the same program.
I’ll wait and see if it happens again. The preferences thing might be worth a try.