Cubase 6 crashing on Audio Mixdown

I have a series of projects with VSL Vienna Imperial Grand used as a VST. I have just been trying to export the tracks as an audio mixdown, but some of them crash cubase about halfway through the export. There is no error message, cubase just freezes.

I am mystified as to why this would happen only to some of them. If anyone could suggest what I should look at to solve this problem I would be very grateful.

Did you try both realtime & offline?

Maybe you could try freezing the VSL before the mixdown.

Hi Grim. Many Thanks for the suggestion - I froze the vst as you suggested, and it seemed to work - so that is a workaround for now. It is a bit crap though - I just can’t figure out why the audio mixdown won’t work on some tracks with the VSL Imperial and not others!

& did you try both realtime & offline??

I think it’s fairly common that disc streaming instruments will cause problems with offline.

It is all a bit strange really. I have a new project using VSL Imperial applied to a single midi piano track, and four parts assigned to Halion SE. I am exporting Audio Mixdown in various versions - muting all but one Halion part in turn each time - so my Choir has a ‘learning track’. All is working fine, until I get to the last version, and it freezes Cubase.

It doesn’t really make sense. I don’t think it is a disc streaming problem - I run massive sets of VSL samples on my i7 machine which has 12G of Ram with NO problems at all. All my discs run at 7200rpm. I don’t have this problem in Sonar, but I don’t want to have to revert to Sonar as I am trying to migrate to Cubase.

I know there are other ways of exporting, but this really should work…

OK - I lied - Cubase is Locking if I freeze VSL Imperial Grand now. This really is rubbish…

OK. Found out the problem. Known (to a few!) problem solved by update to VSL Imperial software. (Note to self:always check for latest software when problems are encountered).