Cubase 6 deliver warning (for sweden)

Steinberg uses UPS not DHL as you easy can think when you read about it. In sweden UPS dont have any network for private customers. You need to spend a day home to get it. DHL work with the swedish post so most people can pick up the packages with in a few KM until 21:00 in the evening.

Write your phone number in the order and they call you if you’re not at home. I wasn’t at home when they delivered the package so they called and said they would come back in an hour instead. Maybe I was lucky though…


Oh, nooo! Not those UPS clowns again! :unamused:
Their drivers can’t locate me despite I’m living in a highly visible building. The phone support says the drivers have no phones so they can’t call me and I can’t call them. Once (possibly with Cubase 4?) I heard the doorbell ring, I look out through the window and see the driver walk towards the car and drive away!!! :astonished: I call them up which took a while since I wasn’t exactly prepared so the driver was far off. They tell me since they couldn’t call him I could get the box delivered the next day :open_mouth: :imp: In every case I’ve ever had anything to do with them they acted as complete morons so I begin to suspect they’re not acting …

I’m ordering my box next week! Any chance of Steinberg giving somebody else the chance to deliver their products properly? "yeah, right … you wish! :mrgreen: "

Oh noes… I know people that had to go to another city, a 3 hour car trip, to collect packages.
I hope it isn’t so with UPS :stuck_out_tongue:

My order hasn’t even been sent yet though… :frowning:

What ever you do dont order it from steinberg. Buy it from a local shop they should have it by then.

Yep, as I thought. UPS went to my home today, but I have to wait until friday for them to come back.
UPS really sucks, in Sweden atleast. All other delivery companies has local dealers so you can pick up the package whenever you can.

För att vara på den säkra sidan behöver man ringa till UPS-support och se till att de har mobilnummer, rätt adress och eventuella portkoder. Jag hade haft paketet i måndags (hade satt upp en fullmakt att de fick lämna vid dörren om jag inte var hemma) men jag missade att UPS inte hade min portkod. :unamused:

Om de inte lyckas leverera i morgon under dagen så åker jag ut till Bromma och hämtar paketet själv. (Bor i Sthml så det är bara 15 min med bilen.)

UPS in norway is terrible as well…

Looks good to me Lars I got the UPS-support, 15min, adress, paketet, portkod but I’m scratching my head on the rest. :astonished:

Not just Sweden, my copy was loaded onto a van for delivery today, it’s now back at the depot supposedly for delivery tomorrow, useless.

I thought everyone reading this thread where swedish… My bad. ;D It seems you understood the essential parts of my post anyways. :smiley:


…it seems you save 50 spän if you order from Thoman. And posten delivers.

UPS är ju heeeelt goa i hövvet. Nu får dom fan gå och kamma sig! :laughing:
Dom bara gissar att man är på plats nån av dagarna som dom har lust att leverera ??? :confused:
Skönt för dom att det utrymme för förbättring …


filtret för runda ord fungrar tydligen på tyska oxo :laughing:


english please :slight_smile: