Cubase 6 download

I bought cubase 6 long time ago, and I since lost all dvds of it. But I have eLicenser. Just registered it now, its seems to be working. Though, I cant find where can I download an original cubase 6 dvd. I thought this will be easy. I saw many cubase 5,7 downloads. And cubase 6 links are either dead or with viruses. Could someone share just a dvd download with me somehow? or direct me to where I can download it?

Thank you very much guys! This would be a life saver!

Then those are not on the Steinberg website.

For previous versions you would need to contact support. Be sure that you have created an account and regitsered you Elicenser with Steinberg:

I did yes, and I asked for support. Waiting for the answer. Its just very strange that there is no original dvd circulating around the internet.