Cubase 6 Education License


I’ve taken a hiatus from making music for a few years. Kids and family…

I’ve recently hooked back up with an old writing partner but he lives quite a distance from me. I was hoping to use my Cubase 6 on a 2014 MacBook Pro and take this with me but I’ve ran into issues installing Cubase on the laptop. It’s currently installed on Mac Pro.

From reading about licensing, I can only have it installed on one machine - no problem there. However when I try to install on the laptop - it hangs on the open project page and is unresponsive. I’m on OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite

With the elicenser dongle in the laptop it just doesn’t seem to want to run even though I’ve gone through the activation process.

I gave up and uninstalled everything according to the Steinberg instructions tonight but figure someone else might have got this up and running. FWIW I’m still in education so I can still use the license legitimately for personal use.

I know I have to uninstall from the Mac Pro but don’t want to do this until I have it running on the other machine. At the time of writing I had no audio interface attached so wondered if this might be the reason it was unresponsive.

If more info is needed, please ask. I’m not really sure what to do next!

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

That´s valid for versions protected by a soft e-licenser, for USB e-licenser protected software, it´s up to 3 computers in your possession[keyword_search]=Yosemite

I found this thread:

so wonder if what you say is correct.

I guess the question is do I need to transfer the elicenser to the laptop or can I get it working first and then transfer the license and remove from MacPro.

Sorry my mistake, I forgot, you were talking abouit an educational version, although the FAQ on the Steinberg “Education” page says:

10. Can I install a product on multiple computers?
Yes, but it cannot be used at the same time. For school and universities, we offer individual solutions

To be sure you´ll have to check your EDU-version´s EULA.

If you take your quote as base, then you need to uninstall the MacPro version first.

Hi again,

Thanks for your help thus far and any lurkers yet to chime in.

I managed to get my 6.5 update to install - no easy task, I had to mount the .dmg, copy the .mpkg, edit the distribution.dist file and then run the installer. The installer tool from Steiny didn’t recognise the mount and said there were no Cubase installers found…

Anyway, I took a video capture of the ‘unresponsive’ nature of it and sent it through to a friend. He reckons (and he’s been a Cubase user for the last 18 years or so) that it isn’t a licensing issue but a framework incompatibility between OSX versions… I wouldn’t know about that. He said he’s watched the splash screen slowed down and all modules seem to load correctly. I should add I had the e-licenser inserted.

Link to video capture is here:

Any ideas?