Cubase 6/El Capitan/Scarlett 6i6

I cannot get the Scarlett 6i6 to work with Cubase 6 since I upgraded to El Capitan. Interface works fine with all other programs, audacity etc. It must be a Cubase issue.

I thought I might solve it with an upgrade to a later version - I have an upgrade to 7.5 ready to go, but cannot upgrade as the system tells me I must have 10.6 or later Operating system. Since El Capitan is 10.11 this is obviously another Sternberg/El; Capitan glitch.

Can anyone help?

I have managed to upgrade successfully to 7.5 but the Scarlett 6i6 still does not work. It works fine in all other programs and is recognised and is configurable in Cubase but no sound in or out.

Hello there.

Have you managed to solve it? Im having the exact same issue here. El capitan+6i6+Cubase 7.5 = No sound.