Cubase 6 El Capitan

Hi there, can anybody tell me why the Cubase 6 setupexe promts a message telling me that I need at least OS 5 althought on my Mac is running El Capitan OS 11.5 ? Thanks a lot, Kovi.

Download the Steinberg Installation Helper:

Please note that running Cubase 6 on El Capitan is NOT supported. You’ll likely run into some issues that didn’t exist before thanks to the changes made by Apple.

Upgrading Cubase is strongly recommended if you want to use a recent version of OS X/macOS. It wont have these issues and on top of that, Cubase has improved drastically since Cubase 6 was released. There are tons of new features, the workflow is much faster, and the CPU and graphics performance are much better, specially on Mac.

Thank you very much!