Cubase 6 Elements/M-Audio Fast Track Pro Issues

Hi, im new to Cubase, and recently just bought a bunch of recording stuff. I watched the quick set up videos, and followed everything they prompted me to do. The only thing that i cant figure out is that when i try to make an input bus, it says my audio device is not connected (im using the fast track pro). I have no clue what im doing wrong, and no clue on how to fix it.


You did select the Maudio ASIO driver in device setup?

Yes ive done everything the videos have shown me… the only problem is that the input bus says its unactive

The fact that it’s unactive is not a problem. That means you currently don’t have an audio track using that bus.
Create an audio track, set the input to the M-Audio fast track and you’ll see that it’s suddenly active :slight_smile:

It still didnt work. i have no clue man :frowning:


Mmh, strange. I don’t know much about Macs, but try disabling system sounds, or using your onboard soundcard for those. Maybe your Operating system is claiming your M-audio soundcard.