cubase 6 elements muted/lost sound

I am using Cubase elements 6 and have lost all sound playback and production in the Software. I can play regular CDs and listen to regular Wave files on my Laptop but can get no sound at all from the software. Sound loss may have occurred when I was loading up a guitar plug in called Suburban Guitarist but I don’t know for sure. When I open up Cubase it shows me a screen which says both speakers AU1 and AU2 are unmapped. Is this a reference to the loss of sound production in my Software.
If anyone knows how I can get back sound in my software please let me know as soon as possible. Am missing using it. :unamused:

That is quite probable…

You need to re-map the ouput busses to from your interface by
1.Select the appropriate driver in Cubase (Device setup)
2.Select the appropriate HW ports for the Cubase busses (VST connections)

Thanks Thinkingcap your advice worked. I owe ya one.


You’ re welcome.