Cubase 6 Elements no Windows audio

I was using LE 4 and bought Elements 6. Now I can get no audio out of my laptop audio speakers or headphones. If I close Cubase the windows audio comes back. I have selected the audio out device, I think, in Cubase.

I can see the volume levels jumping but no audio out.

Any ideas?

Check you have the internal audio driver selected in devices and connections is setup correctly and the audio channels are routed to the correct connections.

I have gotten a little closer. I was able to record and playback and hear it through the speakers.

The only issue I have now is I can’t monitor out of my headphone jack.
In the older version I had, by default, I could hear what I was playing before I recorded it. I guess like a monitor.

In this version I have to record in order to hear. I do not see a place to set up a headphone jack as a monitor. I am not sure how LE 4 did it by default.

I do have a Presonus USB audio box but to sample midi through my Axiom 25 into Cubase it would be nice to able to practice via USB and sound card. Possible?


Which ASIO driver is selected in Device Setup?

Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver.

If you want to use the onboard sound card - e.g. for practising - you should download and install the asio4all driver to avoid latency. This one is better than the Windows “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver”

In Cubase Devices -> Device setup -> VST Audio System you must choose the asio4all driver then.

You can try to activate “Relase driver when Application is in Background”. So you can hear something via Media player when Cubase is open.

For recording you should better download and install the specific Presonus ASIO driver.

But you have to change the driver each time in Device -> device setup when you want to change between Presonus interface and onboard sound card.