Cubase 6 Elements - reinstall / purchase


A friend wants to purchase my Cubase 6 Elements. It’s currently installed on a PC i haven’t used for years as i have brought new hardware / software several times since then (not upgraded Cubase 6 Elements).

A couple of questions;

Cubase Elements 6 was downloaded by me many years ago but is not shown in MySteinberg as a product I own, as are my Cubase 9 / Halion etc. I have the original email with invoice and activation code for Elements.

1 Can my friend simply download the trial version of Cubase 6 Elements, enter the activation code, and everything is fine? If not, is there a procedure i need to follow - i would appreciate some guidance. I’ve followed the transfer ownership on Steinbergs website but it suggest the product should be listed in MySteinberg.

2 Alternatively, can my friend purchase an activation code for Cubase 6 Elements. I assume Windows XP will not support Elements 9 or 10.

Many thanks for any advice. if only i had a disk this would be simple!

Did you upgrade your Cubase Elements 6 to the “Cubase 9” you are talking about?

Try this: How to resell Steinberg software (Resale Wizard)


No I did not upgrade Cubase 6 Elements. My layer purchases were outright.

Yes I’ve tried the resale wizard, it sends me around in circles. If I had a disk this wouldn’t be happening!