cubase 6 elements/ windows 7 64 bit

please some help!!! i built my own pc or rather ordered my own parts from tiger direct , amd 1090t six core processor , a newer 2oo$ motherboard and running with a 600 watt power supply ,4gb ram(for the time being) , not highly versed in computer vocab but not exactly iliterate, i have cubase 6 elements, when ordering parts i explained my intentions for its use and was assured it would do the job!!! ,i am running windows 7 64 bit version!!! i am geting a lot of clicks and pops, experiencing a cpu overload when trying to export an audio mixdown in real time and whether in real time or not the track gets to my media player with significant loss in tempo and pitch ??? why??? dont understand enough about bitrate or other options i see!!!, for the pops and clicks i tryed steinberg power scheme and boost options in device manager , i am using a hdmi out and also it will play audio then change itself back to realtec digital out!!! i dont understand??? is 4gb enough ram? is my processor not good enough??? :blush:

Your problem is with the audio interface. Realtek makes onboard soundcards which are great for playing music, but that’s about it. The cracks and pops you experience are because the Realtek cannot keep up with what you’re trying to do. For simple work in Cubase, you can probably get away with it by downloading ASIO4all, and using that as the driver in Cubase. That should allow you to get some work done. Should you still get pops, increase the latency in the ASIO4all driver untill they are gone. However, if you want to do bigger projects, you will have to invest in a good soundcard made for production. (Not creative X-fi and that sort of thing, but for instance a cheaper Terratec, M-audio or E-MU soundcard.)

The slowdown and decreased pitch you experienced are because you did something wrong with the samplerate of your project. There are 3 (!) places where you have to set the samplerate, and all have to be identical. You should always be using 44100Hz unless you know what you are doing :slight_smile:
First of all, the audio interface needs to be set at the right samplerate. I doubt the Realtek can do any other samplerates than 44100, but it’s worth checking in the driver anyway. Second, the audiofile you are playing back in cubase needs to be 44100Hz. It probably is, but you can see in the pool which you can bring up by pressing f5 (Or f4, can’t remember, the other is VST connections :wink: )
Lastly, your project needs to be set at 44100Hz, this is done in the project setup in Cubase found in one of the dropdown menus.

Then, when exporting your song, you can select the output sample rate again. Pick 44100, as always. Bitrate you should best leave at 16 as well, untill you have a better audio interface.

It sounds like you are completely new to computer music, and I suggest you read up a little on the basic home studio rules to prevent headaches and possible money spent wrong in the future :slight_smile:
A good start is www.

In brief, you could also check out the Getting Started guide that came with Cubase, and read about using suitable audio interfaces with Cubase, ASIO drivers, and setting up Cubase. The documents supplied can be very useful, especially when one is first starting out or even when one is planning a computer system to be used with Cubase.

thank you for the help ill give it a try , yes new to computer studio!!!