cubase 6 emagic midi

Hi all
I cant git my korg z1 keyboard to play my roland jp8080 and the korg ms2000r with the emagic midi cubase 6
Software windows xp

More routing info needed.

I think we may have lost the point of your post in translation, but I use Emagic AMT8 MIDI interfaces in Cubase 6 under Win XP, and they work all OK.

I also use Emagic amt8 and Cubase 6 on Win XP without a problem.

BTW I have managed to use the amt8 on Win 7 (32 bit only), but that implied editing the Win 7 registry (it worked on my system, but I can’t assure it will work on other systems).

I cant use korg z1 to play key sound on the ms2000r and on jp8080 so i can record key notes on the cubase 6 softwere in realtime

Make sure the “MIDI Thru Active” is ticked in the MIDI preferences. You may need to make sure that local is off on the Z1 though.

Also make sure the monitor is switched on in the MIDI track (speaker icon goes orange).

it is still not playing the sound in the ms2000