Cubase 6 EQ presets have vanished

My recording computer is and has always been offline, running cubase 6. This morning, for no apparent reason, a popup requested me to register my steinberg product - I have no idea why… i have had it for several years now, no recent installations/updates etc… nothing at all had changed… I clicked ‘already registered’.
This did something… and I’m not happy :frowning:
Cubase no longer has any ‘recent documents’… my driver somehow switched to a different asio driver, ports were unmapped blah blah… I seem to have fixed most things but an enduring problem is that I have lost my basic equalizer presets.

Where would they be hiding?
and why o why did some dormant part of cubase decide to sabotage my system in this way??

Ahh well…
I found the factory presets - after I referred to another post on here detailing installation problems… but can’t find my own saved eq presets anywhere which is weird as all my other saved vst presets are still there…
Perhaps it was dongle related… maybe? It would be SUCH a pain if I had been doing live work as I have no understanding of why it happened and it took me hours to untangle…
But I have the feeling that I’m talking to myself here… :wink:

No, I read your post. :sunglasses:

I have no idea why that happened. This said, your presets should still be there somewhere. The trick is finding them. Good luck.

I found the answer for my own Preset saving and retrieving problem after trying a complete Cubase 6.5.5 reinstal to no avail :smiley:
Hope this might help someone…
Once you ask it to ‘load track preset’ a panel opens right ? Then you’ll see there is a little Box/Button at the bottom left of the Panel that has 3 little black rectangles in it. Click on that Button ! Then when it reveals tick boxes, put a tick next to ‘Location Tree’ and wait a few seconds for the screen to clear. Then a ‘Folder Tree’ will be shown at the top of the main Panel. I scrolled down the folder tree using the scroll bar on the far right and put a tick next to USER CONTENT. All the other boxes there were already ticked.Then all my saved presets showed up again and I did a test ‘Track Preset save’ and it worked perfectly again. Deep Joy. Thank You God x

Hello all,

I have the same eq-presets-disappearing-act issue now and I tried what I could distill out of your contributions. When I open the tree all the boxes are already ticked. When I open the channel settings window (on the left are 8 fx inserts, in the middle is the eq screen with eq 1-4 settings underneath, to its right are 8 fx send and finally on the right is the fader) and click on the wide bar that says Equalizer I used to get a long list of presets with my own presets listed at the very bottom. Now there is zilch.
Emma, you said you found the factory presets. How did you do that? I tried to download them from the internet, I reinstalled Cubase and nothing happened.