Cubase 6 erratic


When i load a first vst plug-in instrument all is ok, but on loading a second one after a few minutes play on my keyboard controller,my pc becomes erratic with crackling sounds and if i continue to play further,it crashes.I checked my cpu performance,its 100% all the time and memory is 2.35 gb.

It was working fine sometime ago

I have my pc with Intel Core Duo 2.67GHz
Installed memory 4gb
M audio midi controller 61es
M audio Firewire 1814 sound card
Display adapter ATI Radeon HD4600
Win7 64 bit

Any help please.Thanks

Sounds like you have the wrong ASIO driver running and/or your latency set to low for your interface…
You should check those first if you haven’t already…

When you say ‘CPU’ are you referring to the meter in cubase? if so it’s NOT a CPU meter but an ASIO meter… many people make this mistake.

Try to increase your Buffer Size (or Latency) of your sound card (interface). Are you using ASIO driver? There has to by ASIO only, not Full-Duplex, not DirectX! What sound card do you use?

I have tried all settings on my M Audio Firewire 1814 control panel,no luck.The CPU am referring to is the one that you call on Win Task manager Performance.When the sounds get cracking noise this meter goes high up to 100%.

I will be trying to install ASIO4ALL apps and see if it take over…thanks for help,mate

I am using M-audio Firewire 1814 soundcard.

You don’t change your ASIO driver from your soundcards’ control panel mate… you do it in cubase… Devices/device setup/VST Audio System… make sure you have the correct driver showing (most likely MAudio ASIO or similar) in the ‘ASIO Driver’ drop down on the top right!
You haven’t stated if you’ve checked to see if you’re using the correct driver yet…