Cubase 6: Extending Old Audio Tracks to Zero

I use Cubase 6 and have a few audio tracks from an old, dead computer that I had to import. For some reason, those tracks don’t start from bar number zero like they ought to. Instead, they’re a little past bar 13 or so. How do I stretch the audio tracks to zero without moving the place where you actually hear the audio or warping it?

It’s easy to do in MIDI: I’d go in the bottom left corner of the track and drag it. However, there’s some kind of lock on audio files that stops that from happening. It just drags the whole file in audio.

Despite my fears of sound degradation, I tried to export the track as it is as an audio file and it still doesn’t start from zero in the newly created audio tracks (though I specified it to do so… and I do that sort of thing successfully all the time). Exporting doesn’t seem like the answer.

Normally, who cares? But the guy who’s mixing asked that all audio tracks begin at zero.