Cubase 6, EZDrummer & SD2.0

I use SD2.0 and EZ Drummer frequently with Cubase. I have upgraded to C6 and when I drag and drop midi grooves from the plugins onto an Instrument Track a new empty MIDI track is generated for every groove I drag and drop (and it’s given the particular midi groove name). When I used the same plugins in C5 this did not occur?. Is their a way to disable the generation of new midi tracks and have the EZ groove name placed in the MIDI groove event on the Instrument Track - I cannot locate anything in the manual to help me with this?

In Cubase 6 Got to File-> Preferences->MIDI->MIDI File and uncheck Auto Dissolve Format 0

Thank you grandaddy - works a charm. I have found more work for myself to understand MIDI in C6!

Same problem, same solution…thank you grandaddy and forum search.

Now, however, when ever I drag a midiloop (from EZD or SD2.0) to a track it renames the said track to whatever the midiloop name is. This happens with every drag operation.
Not desirable, can live with it.
The midi item inherits the midiloop name which is ok.

Before, Cubase created a new midi track with the name of the midiloop and left the midi item unnamed.