Cubase 6 Family Compatibility

A while back, Steinberg announced a special offer that owners of certain Cubase versions, such as Essential 5, could upgrade to Artist 6 for $99. Since I have Essential 5, I was elated to find out that I could upgrade for this price. The let-down was that Artist 6, as well as the rest of the Cubase 6 family, was “made for and supported for” only Windows 7. Of course, Essential 5 only works on XP and Vista. So, in order to upgrade, Essential 5 users (and most others) would have to upgrade to 7 as well. :frowning: What a bummer! Even though this offer is over, I am still disappointed to see so much effort going into compatibility with Apple but not the older versions of Windows, and I hope to see more compatibility with older Windows versions in future Steinberg products. My question is: has anybody tried using Artist 6 with either XP or Vista, and how well does it work? Thanks! :smiley:

Rubbish, all un-supported means is un-tested. Plenty are using XP for all flavors of C6.