Cubase 6 features / Nuendo 5

oh please… not that Reaper thing again. Give them 5 or more years then we´ll see, but you can say that about any DAW… who knows what the future will bring.

I think Steinberg IS listening, but they can not listen to all users at once. Check Cubase 6, the most requested features are in there now, but there are many small detail refinements, no sacrifice in stability…

have you read this ? ->

I am a software developer. It really shouldn’t take 5 years, especially since they are using the customer development model. It is the new way of doing things and it produces much better results.

To SBHQ, I’m experiencing problems with an Euphonix MC Mix on W7 64 and Nuendo 5 64. The MC isn’t recognized by N5 64, but could be by N5 32. Is this issue fixed in the next maintenance update ?



the update will get ALL Cubase 6 features, although some will only be
available for NEK users. In addition, the update will also include some
further enhancements especially made for Nuendo.


What is the current ETA for the update?

Will these be more “Post” enhancements or more general enhancements?

Then you announce this and put a lil love back in the hate relationship! sigh.
thanks for this.

i seem to remember reading something somewhere about how linked tracks would be updated during the nuendo 5 cycle. i haven’t looked too closely at what cubase 6 offers but i don’t think that’s one of the new features. that was one of the things i was most looking forward to when i upgraded to nuendo 5. what are the plans to finally overhaul linked/grouped tracks?

I think the group editing is what they meant?
I assume you mean what I hear called the VCA group editing style in protools?

on a totally different note you aren’t the David Gamson of Scritti Politti fame are you?

hey zvenx… thanks for the reply… yes… i am.

vca groups in pro tools are different. regular grouping in pro tools is more what i’m talking about. something that’s been in pro tools for at least a decade. the ability to easily suspend grouped tracks (or linked tracks in nuendo)… or name grouped tracks. all sorts of really basic things that you can’t do in nuendo. still drives me crazy that 2 channels that are linked don’t mirror eachother when you input automation points with a mouse… but they do when you move the fader! makes no sense.


ah got you.
fortunately I am too professional and too old to gush. but damn!!! nice to have you on board david.

That is great news, thanks Timo. With ‘further enhancements’, can we expect the announced ‘hide unused tracks’ feature will be among these and appear in the upcoming update?

I guess this will be the fattest free Nuendo update ever, but probably the last one for N5. Since I found several references in the old forum that show/hide will definitely come during the N5 product lifecycle, I guess I´ll go on vacation a little earlier this year so I can enjoy “Nuendo5 Reloaded” early summer! :smiley: :smiley: And say finally “Good bye” to scrolling trough my monster size projects expanding and collapsing tons of folders and subfolders… I will not miss it!

Hi Marsman,

thanks very much for your comments. We hope to have the Hide Unused tracks in this
Update, but that could also come in another one. Currently I cannot reveal more
details about this update but I’ll post some more information as soon as they’re available.


Thanks again for sharing this infos with us. Really looking forward to this update and I hope the hide features will somehow make it in there…(perhaps also some small improvements to the “divide tracklist” feature as I suggested in another thread)

I hope this very strange NEK-policy will be dropped as soon as possible, and Nuendo will again become what it was right at the beginning: The one-stop-professional tool with everything included. Period.

NEK is simply an offer to post pro engineers not being forced to pay for notation, synths, musix xml etc.
Also as far as I know the complete update price is still the same, so why bother? I am sure there are users out there who did not buy nek because they simply dont use the features, so why charge them for it.

shaking my head… interesting. I dont’ use all Nuendo features, maybe I can get a discount too… has SB ever done anything that you don’t approve of?

I don’t need the overstyled media bay, for example, or some other features, so why should I pay for those? But I would need the NEK-features or some other things and have to pay for that the full price. So what now? That does the different use-cases no real justice.

Steinberg: Why not drop Cubase and only sell Nuendo as a fully modular version (from entry-level “Elements” to a 100%-pro-version), so you can save development costs - hence the product being cheaper for ALL users? That would be rather radical, but maybe the best thing.

This has been suggested many times, but SB has always said “no”. I think part of the reason is that they don’t want to delay the release of what is now Cubase, whilst they are working on the Nuendo exclusive features.

Of course, with proper planning this could all be done at the same time. However Steinberg is not known for proper planning. :laughing:


So when is this release coming out. It was > 2 weeks ago when Tim said 1 week.