Cubase 6 from Sonar Producer X1

Hi all.

I am so hacked off with Sonar X1 Producer, after a year of release it is still very buggy!!!

Will be crossgrading to Cubase 6 very shortly.

My question is this…

Can i import Sonar files into Cubase 6??? and work as with these files as normal???

Regards, Bob

You cannot directly import a Sonar file into Cubase. The easiest way to do it, is to first export a midi file from Sonar.
This will contain all your midi data as well as tempo, time signatures, markers etc. Then export an OMF from Sonar, which
will contain all your audio data. Of course, plugins, fx etc will not be included, just the raw audio files.
You can then import the midi file into Cubase. After that, import the OMF into the same project. This works well!

Great Buzz.

Thanks for the reply, after my posting i started thinking about it and came up with the same solution, time consuming yes… but at least I can be done somehow.

It was just in-case there was a way of saving the entire project in a different file format that could be easily read in Cubase 6.

Thanks again Buzz.



Hi bob,

oh? really? that´s really a shame, I’ve heard it many times now. :unamused:
that makes me anxious to hear, because I think cakewalk/roland is a good company.
can you tell me what bugs are very bad in X1?

or PM-me, no problem!


It goes pretty quickly once you are in the swing of it! One thing to watch out for, is that you cannot create an embedded omf of more than 2GB (I think - maybe it was 4GB) Sonar will stop in the middle of the OMF creation with an obscure message.

Hello pavement,

This might help you (though I don’t know if Sonar projects are supported):

I just did this with six large orchestration projects in the last week. It takes no time at all.
I had checked out the SSL product also but it doesn’t support SONAR.
You can download the trial and see for yourself.
The best part? I haven’t run into a single bug yet.