Cubase 6 - full of errors

i bought 1 month ago cubase 6 including upgrade to cubase 7.
i did a format specially for installing the new cubase .
first i installed cubase 7 64 bit in windows 7 64 , vst bridge made ALOT of problems so i decided to format again but to windows 7 32 bit .
after formating my computer again , i installed cubase 7 32 bit , again made full of errors .
i earased cubase 7 and installed cubase 6 , first it worked smooth but now i cant work , i have 4 days on my studio before im touring and i cant work , im very dissapointed on new cubase 6 and 7 , i never had problems with cubase 5 .

i got those errors .
and this one
program: c:\program files\steinberg\cubase6\cubase6.exe
abnormal program termination

hope someone can help me solve this problem .

Are you using 64 bit or 32 bit AD? Are you crossing platforms? XLN confirms that AD will work in Cubase running Win7 64, so maybe you are taxing your processor? how much power and how much ram? You say it worked in C5, was that C5 32 bit or 64 bit? What have you changed in your system since running C5? I run C6.5 (64 bit and Win7 64 bit - see my sig) and find it much more efficient than C5. …but I don’t use AD.

There could be several causes for your issues! But, to properly troubleshoot these issues you will have to provide more information about your setup!

You indicated that you are starting with a fresh installation of Windows 7.

Did you start with a clean formatted hard drive before your Windows installation?
Did you apply all of the Windows updates?
Are you using the proper versions of your plugins (32bit or 64bit), and the most recent?
Are the plugins installed in the right folder?
Is Cubase scanning the right folder for your plugins?

Please tell us more about your computer, and other hardware and software you are using?


Yes, we see a lot of situations like what you are describing, and most also say the same thing, “Cubase errors”. One has to understand that a professional application like Cubase requires a lot of resources. It is not just another Windows Sound Recorder, with a few recording options. It also uses plugins, and I’ve seen that plugins often cause more problems than Cubase. Plugins also requires resources.

As far as I am concerned people can complain all they want about the VST bridge, but the few plugins that I’ve used through it works on my W8.1/C7 (latest version for everything) setups, and they also worked fine on C6.

Anyways, like MoPro pointed out, you need to provide a lot more details about your setup. Computer resources, like HD, CPU, RAM and the audio device are crucial in troubleshooting. But also what software (other than C6) do you have on the computer. Like I pointed out earlier, Cubase is a critical application that requires loads.

Since this is your first post, I thought it only fair to introduce you to “the procedure”. :wink: So please return with as much information about your setup as humanly possible. Alternatively, you could contact Steinberg Support, since this is not a formal support forum.

Also, what relation does your studio and tour have to your Cubase installation?