Cubase 6 Grace Period Upgrade Frustration

Have any of you guys bought another version of Cubase during the grace period and had actually been successful in upgrading to Cubase 6 at a special price?

I purchased my copy of Cubase 5 sometime in early January in Canada when I was on visiting some friends (I live in Hong Kong). Then when I returned back to Hong Kong, I was notified that Cubase 6 was released during NAMM. I then found out about the “Cubase 6 Grace Period”. No problem I thought, since Steinberg doesn’t deal directly with China customers, I was told by Steinberg in an email to contact my local distributor.

The only problem is that my “local” distributor is located in Shanghai, about a 5 hour flight from Hong Kong. I also don’t speak the language that they speak. Emailing Steinberg resulted in automated messages from them informing me to simply “visit your local Steinberg dealer”…I don’t think it was answered by a human, nor do they understand that my local dealer is 4 hours flight away. I also tried calling the dealer but couldn’t communicate with them either.

Steinberg, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry to come to the forums to ask this (but I can’t get a real human being to answer my emails previously)…but how do I solve this issue? I know another store here in Hong Kong can order Cubase for me (Tom Lee Music). Can I approach them directly, even if they are not listed as an appointed distributor on your website?



Yes, I have upgraded for $34us. I had bought C5 on Dec 5, 2010 (upgrade from SX3). I received my update in less than 10 days and am using it now.

Beyer I’m glad to hear things worked out for you. Unfortunately I did not receive an email from Steinberg for over a month from my original email when I sent them proof of purchase. I did not receive any email until the 2nd time I emailed them back, which was then responded by an automated message.

I really want to upgrade for the special price, but I’m afraid it will be difficult when my local distributor is a 4 hour flight away in another part of the country and cannot speak the same language as me.

hi tekara
i too upgraded from sx3 to c5 and recieved my c6 update in the grace period and had no hassle from steinberg with the update , i know you mention that you can’t use your local supplier but could you make a call to canada where it was purchased and have your friends pick it up and forward it to you ? The most important thing is to make sure you have registered your receipt of purchase before the close day with either steinberg or your supplier and then i wouldn’t have thought you would have a problem .

hope you get it sorted ,come on steiny help the dude !


Hi Tekara,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with purchasing the GP update in China. I am however, wondering why this is.

We have informed you to contact your distributor since we cannot process your enquiry, as you pointed out they are based in Shanghai. Have you send them an e-mail explaining your situation and a proof of purchase? From your post, I can only understand that you have contacted our German offices.

Our Chinese distributor, especially the contact provided on our website - Yinjie Chen, speaks perfectly fine English. If you would send her the above mentioned E-mail, I am sure that she can have the GP update shipped to you if she took responsibility for this case. I cannot ensure that Yamaha China will be processing your GP update request since you have not supported their market when purchasing it abroad. If the latter should be the case, you can contact Yamaha Canada to claim your GP update.

One way or the other, you should be able to receive a GP update since you have bought Cubase 5 in the validity period. :slight_smile:

We do not expect you to fly to Shanghai nor to Canada to pick it up. Shipping could be one solution. Additionally,our distributor have several dealers in China and I could imagine that one is close to you.

Please contact Ms Yinjie Chen at Yamaha Trading to receive the support you are looking for. You can also feel free to put me on cc if that makes you more conmfortable (m.becker (at) Please find the address below:

China (Macau & Hongkong)
Yamaha Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2F,Yunhe Building,NO.1818 Xinzha Rd,Jing’an District,Shanghai
yinjie_chen (at)

I hope this helps you.

Thank you.

Melanie Becker
Export Channel Manager @ Steinberg


First off, thank you for the comprehensive details and instructions.
I wasn’t expecting such a detailed response, and I appreciate it.

I had previously emailed Yinjie but will do so again and CC you, followed
up with a phonecall in a few days. I’m just glad that shipping is an option!

I will speak to her and see if we can solve this GP case. If not, I will try
the Canada dealer, followed by the Hong Kong (if necessary, but let’s hope not).

Thanks very much for your help Steinberg :slight_smile: