Cubase 6 & Groove agent 3

Hello to all, I’m trying to get groove agent 3 to work with cubase 6.
2 main issues: in dual mode, only one of the two kits will be reproduced, either the drums or the percussions. i can’t get them to work together.
second issue: I cant get more than one channel strip in the misxer even if I hav configurated groove agent to have 6 outputs.
When I do create a midi track for GA3 it actually creates a midi track called GA1 as well ??
Does anyone have any experience or can relate me to some literature?


i’m not a GA3 guy, (but wish I were!) but are you setting it up as an instrument track? or are you creating an instance in the VST Instruments rack?

If it works like other workstation plugs, I believe you have to use the ‘rack method’ to get multiple descrete channels.

Try page 207 of the CB6 “Opeartion Manual”.

Hope this helps!