Cubase 6 Halion Sonic Demo License Error

Installed C6 and HALion Sonic SE (which came with the program

Installed the Demo of HALion Sonic along with it’s content.

Didn’t use it.

Uninstalled the HALion Sonic Demo

NOW when I load HALion Sonic SE in a Cubase project, I get an error message which states: “License Error: No valid license found for” then a long list of what appears to be samples that were installed with the HALion Sonic demo.

I found and deleted these files from the content folder but I still get the message when I load an instance of HALion Sonic SE.

I installed the latest version of the eLicenser software ( and it I still get the message.

This does not prevent me from using all my other samples that came with HALion Sonic SE and my purchased copy of HALion Symphonic Orchestra. It is merely (growingly) annoying.

Does anyone have a solution?