Cubase 6 & Halion Symphonic Orchestra

Hi all,

Cubase 6 as we all know comes with a trial version of Halion Symphonic Orchestra sound set. I personally really like these sounds and what they have to offer and am considering purchasing the licence key.

What I’d like to know is if there’s any benefit to buying the full version of Halion Symphonic Orchestra instead or would I get just as much from the included sound set by purchasing the licence code?

Seems that these are different products in some ways but I’m not sure how different, it all seems a little vague to me.

Sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere :frowning:




Surely someone must have an idea, anyone? :confused:

The HSO has a bigger library.

Hi there,

The retail “bigger” version does not support the new Note Expression technology and is based on HALion 3 and does not work with HALion Sonic SE.

I think the “bigger” version includes 24 as well a 16 bit samples, the HSO LE only has 16 bit, but still sounds good to my ears.

I think unless you are doing more ‘serious’ orchestral based music then the SE version is more than adequate for most people’s uses… One of our guys has the full fat version and for what we are doing it really is overkill.
If, on the other hand though you ARE doing more orchestral based stuff then yes the higher bitrate and extra library could be handy.