Cubase 6 HDD to SSD and OS change

Hi All

I am currently trying to replace the HDD of machine we have had running Cubase 6 for about 9 years (I know old software and old computer but it is all we have at the moment) and we are having real trouble getting it to work and activate on the new SSD. I am also moving the operating system from windows 7 to windows 10.

I have an e-licensing USB dongle and i thought it would just work once i reinstalled the computer and Cubase 6 on the new SSD however this is not working, does anyone know how I can fix this?

I have tried reinstalling the software from one of the cd’s we have and the download on the website and we get the same problem, whenever we try to start Cubase it says we have to activate it even with the USB e-license drive installed.

All the e-licensing software seems to be doing is requesting access to the internet which I assume is failing because we are behind a proxy.
Any advice you can give us will be very much appreciated, and if you require any further information please do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks in advance,


What license does the eLicenser control center show?


Sorry for the long reply time yesterday was manic here, this is what the eLicenser control center shows. Please see attached images.



„Unknown license“ this seems to be the culprit for your problem.
Have you tried running the maintenance from the eLCC software? You can run this from any computer connected to the internet, with the uSB key also connected to that computer.
Or maybe first download the latest version of the eLCC software and install it on your Cubase computer. Itˋs possible, the license database is to old to recognise the license.


Thanks for that I managed to update the elicenser (I had to connect my phone to do it) does anyone have a list of web address I can add to the firewall to allow Cubase to update and register properly?