Cubase 6 important graphic changes

It would be very nice if you take in consideration this changes, I´m just asking for something that were present in cubase 4 (please see the picture attached).

Cubase 6 important changes.pdf (110 KB)
1.Tile Horizontally/Vertically (Windows only) window menu option present in cubase 4
NOW REMOVED from cubase 6
This function was perfect to adjust size of the opened windows in a quick way on your screen, (specially for users
that works with two or more screens of different resolution size).
I have to do this manually every time that “for some reason” cubase does not remember your
adjustments, like showing in the picture, I usually do this every 15 minutes working in a project.
This is really affecting my work flow. :imp:

  1. Overlaps events are really confusing, you just can´t expect that every one from now on, will work with lanes and make changes that really affect the way how the old users work around, and with the new graphic changes in cubase 6 is not very easy to determinate exactly from which event overlapped belongs the midi note.
    (see in the pictures) :bulb:

Is this a free forum?
Can you let people post replays please?