Cubase 6 included-software vs trials query

I just saw the Halion updates.

this reminded me that when I installed Cubase6, i could not differentiate between the install options that are . . .

a) useful new software that is included in the price of Cubase 6 (nice!)

b) “Trial” versions fill up library directory with content then ask for money (annoying!)

So I googled and it seems difficult (for me) to get info on this.

Halion Sonic vs Sonic SE vs Halion One?

please help:

  1. I just want what is included in the price, and not a “trial”. what install options should I click?

  2. I’d like to move the big content files to an external drive. what should I move?

thank you so much!


Halion Sonic SE is included free, Halion Sonic, Halion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set, The Grand SE 3 and Wavelab elements 7 are demos.

The Grand SE 3 is a “minor” edition of The Grand 3 and should not be confused with the full version of it.
Halion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set is a “minor” version of the full Harmonic Symphonic Orchestra.

If you(like me) registered Cubase 6 after January 2012, you are eligible to get Cubase 6.5 for free, and with this update you will get Padshop and Retrologue (amazing synths).

Hope this can help you!