Cubase 6 is the best version of Cubase EVER.

oh yes! i was stunned with it! ok you have to be realistic… you’re not going to get perfection from 120bpm down to 50bpm but it’s pretty impressive! it doesn’t mess up the bass either like earlier algorithms! :smiley:

WTF is with the attitude? Yes, I did take it out of the box and install it. How could I possibly comment if I had no experience with it? As far as using it… I have been using it, and did the first night. I tried out all of the various soft synths I typically use. I tried external MIDI. I tried out the new features (loopmash 2, note expression, etc)… I tried various sample rates. Basically, I tried everything I will be doing in Cubase - all prior to posting here…

I spent more time with it yesterday evening… I still feel the same way. This is the best version of Cubase I have ever used. My congratulations to Steinberg on an amazing product.

I’m really impressed by Cubase 6. I was not too happy when I went from C4 to C5. But this version is an awesome step forward.


Money well spent.

But I want my C5 upgrade fee back :wink:

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be offensive. I just thought it seemed premature to judge such a complex program as Cubase after just one evening with it - or, come to that, after just a week with it. Put it this way: suppose it was up to you to test a program as complex as Cubase and (on the basis of your testing) decide whether the developers should be paid completely for the work, or whether there were faults severe enough to delay payment until remedial work had been done. One thing’s certain: you’d spend more than an evening or two on the testing.

To my way of thinking, when someone says this is the best ever version of Cubase, it implies that all the most important features do actually work properly, and that there isn’t a bunch of bugs that have crept in, or any crucial feature that has been (temporarily) broken during the software revision, rendering the software less useful to a body of users than the previous version (until it’s been put right). And that’s something no-one can know from just a few problem-free hours.

But if you simply meant that you liked the new features and that all the parts that you’d expect to use did seem to be working - well that’s fair comment, of course.

One thing that’s never left my mind is the pattern of the forum posts when C4 was released - at first, lots of enthusiastic posts admiring the new features, saying how good the upgrade was, etc. Then, a week or two on, once people were starting to use the program in earnest, an outpouring of criticism, fault reporting, and so on - none of which had been evident in the early days, because (I imagine) the early comments came from people whose experience had, at that stage, been rather superficial and largely about admiring the program, enjoying the prospects offered by the new features, and not probing deep enough to uncover faults - a mob wearing rose-tinted glasses and loving the colour of Cubase. So, since then - rightly or wrongly - I take all early praise of upgrades with a pinch of salt.

It’s always the case with software that stability comes towards the end of the product cycle which is why I am sticking with my trusty C5 for now.

I didn’t upgrade until 5.5 was released and the same situation played out in seq 4. When I was ready for the new features I upgraded albeit at a significantly reduced price which tends to happen when new products are on the horizon.

This time it is different though … I’ve done 4-5 and it was OK but a lot of stuff didn’t get fixed until 5.1, and I did 3-4 which was a disaster, and is only stable at 4.5.2 with a lot of broken features. This, at 6.0 is a pleasure to use, and there’s no reason not to upgrade … particularly seeing as you can install it side-by-side with any and all other versions, so if you hit a problem, just go back to 5.x (the project files are apparently compatible).

The only issues I’m aware of to date are as follows:
– an issue with a 3rd-party hardware driver (not a C6 issue and has an easy workaround)
– time-stretching with non-44.1kHz files (already acknowledged Steinberg and fixed in the next update)
– VariAudio in extreme (>1oct) cases (already acknowledged Steinberg and fixed in the next update)

None of these affect my particular use case in any major way and, as I’m aware of them, I can just continue to use C5 for projects that are likely to need non-44.1kHz files and time-stretching/VariAudio until the patch is released. I’m going to do another week or two of testing and then I will be moving fully over to C6 for all new projects.

The entire application feels snappier, cleaner and has not crashed once (apart from the one 3rd-party driver issue which is not in Steinberg’s power to fix). I also have not needed to install the 32-bit version at all, as the one plugin that was giving problems now works perfectly with VSTBridge.

Needless to say this will not be everyone’s experience but before we get deluged in negativity let me just reiterate that IMHO this time around, unless you can already see some specific and confirmed reason why C6 would be unusable for you, then it makes no sense to deprive yourself of the benefits and sheer joy (last seen in C3!) of working without having to worry about the application.

At the upgrade price from C4 or C5 to C6, it’s a no-brainer; I know people who’ve spent more on cables.

I have been using Cubase since VST32. I am very familiar with it so I can test many functions very quickly. I do not need a month of hard core testing. I have purchased every upgrade since then, so I do remember some of the issues and the difficult times. I understand your hesitation - however for me at least, the upgrade from Cubase 5 to Cubase 6 has been totally painless. It has probably been the smoothest upgrade of all of them. Things continue to run fine after several days & I stand by my initial opinion. For me, this version is rock solid. I like the new GUI. I like the new features… I am pretty amazed actually.

I am going to use Cubase 6 for the production on my next album. I will be starting it probably within a week. Of course if there are any problems, I will submit them on the forum here, but so far, I have a feeling there will be little or none of that. I do have a couple of new feature requests though that I’m sure I will post soon!

Yep, the best Cubase to date. I started with Cubase 2 on an Atari 520/1040 ST and went through the horrible days of Cubase VST on a PC. I have seen the ups and downs. I am glad I stuck with Cubase opposed to jumping ship going over to the PT word. Thanks Steinberg. I have a lots to learn. :sunglasses:

One possible reason for the praise of C-4 is it was an extreme improvement over Cubase VST which was the mother of all mothers, if you know what I mean. We were glad to see an improvement. Cubase 4-6 all keeps gettin’ gooder and gooder (play on words). Support has improved through the years as well. I digress. :sunglasses: Thank you Steinberg and its Geek Squad for good service. :smiley: Now let’s make some hits.

I went away from Cubase like 2 years ago cause I got a cheap crossgrade to Sonar. I wanted to use Audiosnap, which was very cool back then and also the comping and layering functions.

After I upgraded to X1, only problems and actually they didn´t really rewrite the app, just skinned it.

So when C6 came out I upgraded as well and I´m very happy with C6 right now! So snappy and the new gui is really good.

Only thing Steinberg has to get the windowmanagement done then C6 is as modern as Studio One or Sonar in that perspective.

So I´m back to Cubase and I love it!!!