Cubase 6 - is there an "flex time" equivalent?

Hi Guys,

Very excited to see Cubase 6 launched!

I’m a Logic user who was once a Cubase user and would be interested in moving back. I was hoping that C6 would introduce a few important features that I depend on in Logic, specifically a “swipe edit” system for easy track comping (done!!), but also a feature similar to flex time in Logic.

Flex time allows you to easily and manually quantise audio. If a vocal line has a word that’s a bit late, you can literally grab the transient for that word and move it around.

I know Cubase has a lot of automatic quantising features for audio, especially drums. However I’m really looking for a manual system with lots of control, as in Logic.

Can anyone shed light on whether this is included in Cubase?


You have been able to warp audio and pull words in time like you say since Cubase 4.

Cubase have VariAudio and you can align segments, but there is not the same as in Logic.
Not all segments are recognized from VariAudio and you can’t work on arrange window, you must be open audio editor first and then edit segments.
On Logic this feature is more complete.
Cubase have the ability to tune audio tracks with segments in VariAudio, Logic no.
You can have a lot of features in Cubase that Logic don’t have and viceversa.
What is “swipe edit” system in Logic?

If it’s this what you are looking for,
that’s in Cubase for years. As mentioned, it’s called Audio Warp .

Move back to Cubase. I was a Logic user too. :wink:

I’ve now purchsed the Cubase 6 upgrade, and so far I’m happy. MIDI is handled so much better for a start (especially with multiple instruments going in and out through different ports).

Everything seems more logical overall, too. And when you click on something (for example, when you want to open up a virtual instrument window), it responds straight away… Logic always seems to need to think about things for a while!

Out of interest, why did you make the move back?