Cubase 6 ISO


Posted this in the LE section by accident.

I am in a bit of a tough spot where I had to uninstall Cubase 6.5 because of problems and I do not have the Cubase 6 DVD which I got after purchase with me as I am on holiday in Dubai from England so I cant swing by home to get it.

I could have sworn that Steinberg hosted the ISO on their website. I should have checked before I uninstalled but they do host the Cubase7 ISO so hopefully there is a version 6 ISO lurking somewhere.

Does anyone know where I can get an ISO?
I am installing the Cubase 6 Trial which I found from the Steinberg site through Google but that is installing to a weird location.

Many thanks

Contact Steinberg Support, they have made ISO’s available on several occasions.

AFAIK they do not have a permanent link for an ISO.


Thanks for that.
I have downloaded the trial and update to version 6.5.4 and all seems to be working well. I will have to see after the free trial period is done but I am sure there wont be a problem.

I will contact support soon to get an ISO downloaded to keep on my hard drive.

Thanks again,
Happy New Year (almost)

So the trial is already the full version, only difference is you need to have the 6.5 license on your dongle and you can use it full.

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